Thank You For Your Opinions

Thank you for many comments and emails for me.
I did not think that I got so a lot of opinions.
I read them all.

There are some reasons why I part with the mount.
At first the bass of this mount is a tie record, not a new record.

I think that a record is updated soon.(Of course, I wanna do it again.)
At the moment, my record loses value.
There was this mount in my house for this half a year.
It may be unbelievable for you, it is covered with dust by the corner of the room.

I think that it is a waste of this situation for this mount.
I'm just maniacal Angler.lol
I decided to look for a person who can use this mount more effectively than me.

And I want to keep chasing the record.
But my motivation disappears by watching it every day.
I am satisfied with this fish someday...I hate it above all.
So, it is necessary for me to leave it from my hands.

Thank you for your understanding.
Fortunately, a lot of people work for my bass now.
I'm really happy man.

Thank you again.


The Mount Of The World Record Bass!!

I will sell the mount of the world record bass!!
It is one thing in the world!!
Who gets this?LOL
(from.Rod & Reel)


Fishing Report from Lake Biwa on July 17th, 18th

It's really HOT here...

This bass is 57cm, 8lb.
Tackle Data
Rod : Deps Sidewinder ultra finesse Bug Raider
Line : Toray upgrade 8lb
Lure : Berkley Gulp

It's Mayumi.
She came to Lake Biwa for the first time!!!

She could catch fish with Cut-tail(Gary Yamamoto).

Tackle Data
Rod : Deps Sidewinder Boa Constrictor
Reel : Daiwa Ryoga 2020H
Lure : Deps Slideswimmer175

Dai-Chan got, too! It's 58cm, 8lb!

In the evening

I caught it, 45cm with Deps Flat Back Jig+Deathadder Twin-tail grub

The fishing situation of Lake Biwa completely contained in the summer pattern...


Report from Lake Biwa

I think that... it is weight of about 8lb.

-Tackle Data-
Rod : Deps Hugecustom H3S-81RF
Reel : Daiwa Ryoga
Lure : Slideswimmer 250


Backlash's Boat Cup

A tournament of a fishing tackle shop "Backlash" was held in Lake Biwa.
It rained, but people more than 100 participated!

80 or more performed the weight-in.

All caught a lot!
Mr.Toru of my friend wins the second place!
Even if they could not catch it, even if they could catch it, Everybody enjoyed a tournament!!