2012.11.25. Lake Biwa Report

60cm, 5500g!!!! with Alabama.
I want to got an extra-large class!!!

2012.11.24. Lake Biwa Report

I was not able to let them use the mouth by Slideswimmer 250 although got chases on that day...
This is with Alabama again...
58cm, 5050g!!

2012.11.18. Lake Biwa Report

I got "W-hit" with Alabama rig.
65cm, 5600g!! and 50cm!
It was tremendously strong pulling force!! so excited!!


64cm, 14lb!!! and 61cm, 11lb!!!!

I have long-term stay on Lake Biwa from 13th to 21st Oct.

And! I was able to captured the one that can convince myself!!
64cm, 14lb!!

Tackle Data
Rod: Deps, Sidewinder SlapFE
Lure: Kincoo 13inch, Clear Red color
Line: TEAM DAIWA, Monster BRAVE 22lb
Sinker: REINS Down-shot sinker 1oz
Fook: FINA, Power Finness3/0

This fish was worth for me.
This bass has told me the arrival of the DEKA BASS SEASON!!

To prove it, I caught a good bass on the next day.
61cm, 11lb!!

Japan has become quite cold. I'm really looking forward to the coming winter season!

Lake Biwa Fishing Report, on 26th Sep

I caught 9lb bass on that day! with Deps Kincoo 13inch(Color: Dead Shad)

and 5lb with Deps Kincoo 13inch (Color: Clear Red)

My Girlfriend caught 4lb with Gary, Cut tail 4inch.
It's only a matter of time that she hooked on fishing.lol

Lake Biwa Fishing Report, on 15, 16th. Sep

It was very nice weather on 15th.
I was on the water with my fishing friend and his family.

We captured three bass about 7lb or 8lb and two about 6lb with Deps Flat Back jig, 1 ounce.

16th, I was very hard to catch because it was strongly and rough. 
But on the goodness of the stability of my Skeeter FX21, we were able to fish safely !

Four bass 3lb to 7lb with with Deps Flat Back jig, 1 ounce.


Lake Biwa Report on Aug, 29th

I came to Lake Biwa after a long time and realized splendor of this lake whenever I come.
I was able to experience the best fishing on that day!
See pic!

9lb with "Old Monster"

7lb with Neko-rig, "Kincoo 13inch"

7lb with "Old Monster"

5lb with "Ano-Straight 5.5inch"

We continued being able to catch them all the time from an early morning to around 3:00 p.m.!
Even in Lake Biwa to be able to catch well, such a thing is very rare!


Came Back From ICAST !!

I came home from ICAST.

I had really good time with my Old and New friends!
Most friends could remember me!lol

It was really honored for me and This experience was wonderful!!
Thank you very much for Deps members and Mr. Okumura!!


Bass Anglers Magazine

My friend in the US told me that Bass Anglers Magazine is sold in Japan.
I haven't known it!

Well, I have to go to HAMA today!lol


BASS FESTA in NAGOYA 2012 Part.2

This is Andoh booth
Ala-Battaman rig.lol

Battaman girl

Mr. Christian is president of S.W.A.T. fishing in Germany.
He is tall and good lookin' guy.lol
Chris interviewed me and Mr. Maeda.

My new Skeeter displayed in the show.
This is pictures at the time of the taking out. 

In the true meaning, the season started now.
I'll do my best!!

BASS FESTA in NAGOYA 2012 Part.1

Long time no see!
Since injured, I have not gone fishing. It's sooooo terrible!

But Bass Festa was coming! This must give me a power!

Take a Look!

This is GEECRACK booth! Awesome COOL!!
Mr.Taku, his smile is always shinny!

GEECRACK's Umbrella rig! Merry-G!!
Now, this is applying for a patent.

Mr.Yamashita. He is GEECRACK test staff.

This is DEPS booth.
New release! Bullshooter!
It must work well in Lake Biwa!

This is DAIWA booth!
 I like it!!

This is BOREAS booth with Mr. Hasegawa.
He is also clever fisherman.