"Huge Custom " model

I got the rods (new four models) from Mr. Okumura who is the president of Deps company  last week.

It is a commodity that sales are scheduled in the future though doesn't sell now because it's still a prototype.

The name is "Huge Custom " models that made to capture the record class.

It seems to be able to use as kind of huge fish in overseas.
To capture the Giant bass, these become very important items for me.
I want to catch the Giant bass with this next time.

Thank you for Mr. Okumura.


Today's Lake Biwa

I went to Shiga Prefecture today.

Lake Biwa was very calm and beautiful.

I think that I go to fishing next week because I wasn't possible to go this month at all .
But the weather seems to be going to become cold badly considerably next week.
Tough I think fishing to become difficult, When it becomes cold, I think also that it is a chance to capture the Giant class.

Hereafter, hunting in Lake Bwa will have become the enjoyment!!



This is a giant lure that I like very much.
Its named "MOTHER" made by ROMANMADE JAPAN http://www.roman-made.jp/.
This length is 12 inches. Weight is 10 ounces. It is a considerably huge lure in Japan.
I designed it to fish the bass of the record class and this lure was made.

The Giant bass of 18lb5oz was fished with it last year.
However, a lot of basses can't be fished but there were a lot of Giant basses that reacted only to this.
Though it considerably becomes tired only in Cast it and is a lure that cannot be fished easily, I think that it's a lure that purveys dreams.

Here after, I want to keep casting it.
And, I want you to try using it overseas and report me.

BASSMASTER magazin's interview

Last Fryday, I had interviewes of Bassmaster magazine fishing on Lake Biwa.
This style is the first time for me.
So, I'm very nurves and I don't remenber clealy...
Please read this.

then, you'll be able to get knowing more than my explain.

Thank you for your helps, Mr. James Hall, Mr. Micchan and Mr.Ogasawara.


Fishing on Lake Biwa with Mr. Oba

Yesterday I went to fishing on Lake Biwa with Mr. Michi Oba.
He is a staff of Deps company, enters the United States bass tournament.

Biwako was not a good situation all day long, and we could get only three basses. Mr. Oba fished two.
I fished for the first time with Mr. Oba. His fishing is very polite and pays attention to detailed points. And the bass was fished by how that I didn't know. He is a wonderful person who can know and do various hows to fish.

We were able to fish happily though it was not possible to fish.


My best buddy, Skeeter

I did the repair and the cleaning of my best buddy, SKEETER at freedom company yesterday.

I like the SKEETER boat very much!! Mr.Teramoto who was the president of freedom also helped though it was considerably dirty because I cleaned it after a long time.

The broken place was repaired, and The boat was reborn. I have enjoed many favors at his hand.

Then, we went to YAKINIKU restaurant.
That was so delicious!!
I always thank him, Mr.Teramoto.


I want go to fishing!!

I haven't been able to go to fishing for a week...
This is Lake Biwa after tyhoon last week.
What do Giant basses do now?
I want to go to fishing next week!



Is "Bass-zilla" meaned a Japanese monster ...?

"PREDATORS" from France.

I appeared in a magazine!
But I can't read this...


Nice to meet you!

I love bass fishing.
I want to catch a giant fish that is bigger than anyone do, and have attended to Lake Biwa for years.
I caught a bass 8480g in April 2008, and 10.12kg in July this year.
But I have found larger basses for many times in Lake Biwa.
I think I want people of the world to know the interest of the bass fishing in Japan.
My dream hasn't ended yet!!
I'm not good at English.
So please overlook small mistakes. (^-^;