64cm, 14lb!!! and 61cm, 11lb!!!!

I have long-term stay on Lake Biwa from 13th to 21st Oct.

And! I was able to captured the one that can convince myself!!
64cm, 14lb!!

Tackle Data
Rod: Deps, Sidewinder SlapFE
Lure: Kincoo 13inch, Clear Red color
Line: TEAM DAIWA, Monster BRAVE 22lb
Sinker: REINS Down-shot sinker 1oz
Fook: FINA, Power Finness3/0

This fish was worth for me.
This bass has told me the arrival of the DEKA BASS SEASON!!

To prove it, I caught a good bass on the next day.
61cm, 11lb!!

Japan has become quite cold. I'm really looking forward to the coming winter season!

Lake Biwa Fishing Report, on 26th Sep

I caught 9lb bass on that day! with Deps Kincoo 13inch(Color: Dead Shad)

and 5lb with Deps Kincoo 13inch (Color: Clear Red)

My Girlfriend caught 4lb with Gary, Cut tail 4inch.
It's only a matter of time that she hooked on fishing.lol

Lake Biwa Fishing Report, on 15, 16th. Sep

It was very nice weather on 15th.
I was on the water with my fishing friend and his family.

We captured three bass about 7lb or 8lb and two about 6lb with Deps Flat Back jig, 1 ounce.

16th, I was very hard to catch because it was strongly and rough. 
But on the goodness of the stability of my Skeeter FX21, we were able to fish safely !

Four bass 3lb to 7lb with with Deps Flat Back jig, 1 ounce.