Lake Biwa Report in May

I have been on Lake Biwa for months...lol

I found a bass that seemed to be 20lb or so on May 19.

It is maybe before spawning...

I chased it for two days.
But the next day, six bass(from 10lb to 15lb) came in the place, and the huge one went somewhere with them...
This year, I can see a lot of bass that sizes of the world record.
However, seeing and fishing are quite different...


10lb with BAOBAB HOG8 !!

Recently, the DEKA bass is fished by BAOBAB HOG8 in Lake Biwa.

Mr. Toru Nakai is one of my friend and he is Geecrack Field tester.
He obtained GREAT fishing day with "BAOBAB HOG" made by Geecrack the other day!

This bass is 67cm length and 10lb!!
They are almost 8 or 9lb!!! Amazing!!!

Not only him.
And this...is also with same BAOBAB HOG8!
BAOBAB HOG8 seems to become more popular!! 
Well, I must fish more big one!!!LOL