The Sample Of My Record Bass's Real Size Poster

Today, I was given the Sample picture of my record bass's real size poster.
Do you want to see it? lol




Oops...! lol

I think the poster's bass looks larger than the stuffing...


From IGFA and JGFA

I received the recognition certificate from IGFA and JGFA.

These are very cool!

I cleared the first stage.
Hereafter, I chase my own record.
I will do my best that I can be gotten it about ten another times!! lol


Lake Kawaguchi

I went fishing to Lake Kawaguchi first time with Mr.Oba and Mr.Shingo.
Basses that brought from Lake Biwa was discharged here several years ago.
Therefore, I think that there are giant basses also in here.

I fished by using only Swim bait this time.

The atmosphere of Lake Kawaguchi is very good and I was able to see the bass of about 8lb swimming!

While fishing, I hang my favorite lure on the rope...
Then, I went to rent a Swan boat with Mr.Oba to rental boat shop, and to collect it.
I was glad that the lure had safely come back to my hand!

I had a very good day though the bass wasn't able to be fished.
I want to come here with my skeeter next time!


Information Of The Event Produced By Lure Shop "Fishing Manbou"

I'll have the event with Pro Guide Mr.Maeda produced by "Fishing Manbou" in Aichi Prefecture Okazai City on January 31.

This year,  Deps doesn't exhibit to the Fishing Show in Japan!

So, I have been opening the stuffing of my world record bass to the public in various parts of Japan.

I want a lot of people to see this stuffing, and to fish even by oneself aiming at Giant Bass!!


New Supporters !

Welcome to my supporter's link!!



My First Talk Live Event! Sponsored By Lure Shop Andou

The event was held with Lure shop Andou the day before yesterday.

Mr.Maeda, Deps's Pro Guide and Mr. Go of Giant bass hunter also performed together.

It was my first event, so I was strained.
A lot of people came, and heard my fishing story seriously.

In the raffle, a lot of people won prizes.

Thank you for Lure shop Andou, Mr. Maeda, Deps, RomanMade Japan and Mr.Go.

When it was over, a lot of people took a photograph with the world record bass I had mounted,
and they were able to handle the actual tackle that I used.

Thank you, all! Thank you!!


My Record Becomes World Record Giant Bass !!

The result was announced from IGFA in BASSMASTER.COM.

My record bass was recognized as THE NEW TIE WORLD RECORD !
I'm very glad to hear that.

My being able to fish this bass is a favor of people who always assist me.
Thank you very much !

And Of course, I want to keep fishing in Lake Biwa aiming at the world record bass after today.
In Lake Biwa, there are larger Giant basses.

I want to fish 30lb super-giant bass that exceed Dotty next!
(It's captured at Lake Dixson in The U.S. about 4 years ago. It had 25.1lb)
I think Lake Biwa is the greatest wonderful lake.

However, there are sad things that white basses are exterminated in this lake and the other field in Japan.
I'm glad changing into the direction where Bass fishing of Japan.

Also this year, I want to go to Lake Biwa to hunt a super-giant bass, getting on my Skeeter boat and brandishing Sidewinder and Huge Custom by Deps!
I'll keep chasing the next world record!!


My Oldest Fishing Friends & Newest Family

I gathered with the fishing friends in childhood and did the year end party on 30th December.

We gather two times without fail every year.
They were members who started the bass fishing together with me 19 years ago, and we went to the bass fishing riding on the bicycle by the distance of the round trip 100km every week.

If I didn't start the bass fishing those days, I'm sure not to be done it now.
Everyone enjoy the fishing of the bass fishing, the mountain stream fishing, and the sea fishing respectively now all.

Hereafter, I want to do for a long time happily as good friends.

A serious thing occurs when I went back to my home in the middle of the night.
The dog that kept at my home gave birth to babies!

Five babies were energetically born though I had become a panic a little because of the first experience.

Only one has a face like to the cow.

They looked lovely and were asleep though I was a serious commotion until the morning.

I'm looking forward to grow up them in the future.

A lot happened last year for me.
Thank you for the people who cooperated!
And, my best regards this year. m(_ _)m.

A Happy New Year 2010 !!

I wish you a great happy new year!!