To The U.S.!!

I will go to the United States from tomorrow !!

It's my first traveling abroad.
I'm really looking forward to see my friends and fish there !!


Lake Biwa Fishing Report 18th, April

I could never catch anything on that day.
My friend caught about 8lb bass !
Tackle Data
Rod : Deps Sidewinder EdgeMaster
Reel : TD-Z2506
Lure : BOREAS AnoStraight (color : skappanon)

After the fishing, I got "Biwa trout" from Mr. Go.
The Biwa trout is a trout only in Lake Biwa.
It was very delicious!!
Thank you, Mr. Go!!


Lake Biwa Fishing Report 14th, April

I went to Lake Biwa after a long time.
I felt that it returned to winter...It was a day that considerably got rough.

Mr. Inoue, one of my fishing friend caught a huge bass that was 64cm, over 10lb!!
It was in the place of about ten feet in depth.

Tackle data
Rod : Deps Sidewinder HGC70XF
Reel : Daiwa Zillion HLC
Lure : Deps HyperFootball jig / Trailer : Deps Bumbleshad
It is his self-new record!

After that, I caught bass about 8lb on same tackle.

Though the cold comes again on this Lake, It comes spring in the Lake.
It is really a seasonal beginning!!
I want to catch 22lb bass this year!!!


Lake Biwa Report On 31th March

I went to Lake Biwa today!
Though it will be April from tomorrow, it is cold like winter today.

I did fishing to use swimming jigs and swimbaits mainly.

I let hyper football jig & death adder make swimming and could catch Only one bass of 4lb.

It is difficult to do fishing in recent Lake Biwa!