Lake Biwa Report On 23th, Dec

I captured it with Slideswimmer250!!
          Tackle Data
          Rod : Deps Huge Custom H3S-81RF
          Reel: Daiwa Ryoga2020H
          Lire: Deps Slideswimmer 250 (Real Carp color)
          Line : Seacret proto line


Meet in Nagoya Produced by Deps

Dec, 12
We had "Meet in Nagoya" that the event of Deps!
I met so many Deps fans and maniacal anglers there!lol
Almost people said to me "Please capture the next one!!"
I was really glad with their warm hearts.
You know, it will be hard to get next one... But I keep chasing!!
Thank you!!!
Mr.M and Mr. Maeda Pro.


66cm, 14lb

Last weekend, my friend got this with Silentkiller175 from shore !!
This is night game on Lake Biwa !!!
Come on, Huuuuuuuge one !!!

...I have to try...lol


I Won !! LOL

I won the monthly photo tournament of Bassfury and got the prize!!
Is it a foul?? LOL

Anyway, how cool this pic!
I like it!
Thanks, Bassfury!