I got NEW SKEETER's Rod!!!

The rod arrives from the SKEETER Co!!

The logo of SKEETER is described.
It is the same as my boat, very good-looking (^o^)
The price doesn't cost 10,000 Japanese yen...
How affordable it is!
The price of the rod made in Japan costs about 50,000 yen...
I want to fish Giant Bass with this.
Thank you, Mr. Phill !!!!


Lake Biwa Report On 5th, 6th Sep

I got 5lb, 8lb and 9lb bass with Deps Slideswimmer and BassProShops's worm!!

Tackle Data
Rod : Deps Sidewinder Bulletshot
Reel : Deps & Daiwa ZDV
Line : Toray Super Hard Strong 20lb
Lure : Deps Slideswimmer175
         BassProShops worm
Fook : FINA Power stage5/0