Lake Biwa Report From March 11 to 14th

I had gone to Lake Biwa for four days.

I was fishing with Mr.Ito at the first day.

It snowed because of the cold wave at the first day.
But Mr. Ito caught over 60cm, 10lb bass!!
He fished this with the swimming jig, Hyperfootball jig (Deps) + One-up-shad (Sawamura).
After that, we got 4 bass from 4lb to 8lb with swimming jig.

I fished with Mr.Oba and Mr. Tanaka at the second day.
However, only Mr.Tanaka caught a bass about 3lb...

It was so difficult.
I saw the big bass was swimming about 7 feet in depth.

At the third day, there is no bite and no fish.

The final day, there was no bites until three o'clock from the morning.
But Mr.Tsubasa caught about 4lb bass with Hyperfootball jig + Dethadder six inches by Deps.

I caught about 5lb one with the same rig too.

These are very popular lures around  Lake Biwa.

The bass in lake Biwa was not able to be fished easily...
I want to go there next week again!!


Lake Biwa 7th, March

I went to Lake Biwa.

I thought that the cold just entered this day though it had become warm a little, so it returned to winter.

I fished using the Swim-bait and the Jig-Swimming mainly.

In the morning, there was a chase of bass about 10lb, when I was use a Slideswimmer 115 made from Deps.
However, I was not able to catch the bass.
Only Slideswimmer 115 had the reaction though I used various swimbaits.

In the afternoon, I caught bass about 2lb and 4lb in the place of about 10 feet in depth.

Hit lure are Hyperfootball Jig+Bumble Shad (Deps)

and One-up shad.

My friend also fished a bass about 5lb.

The fishing of Lake Biwa is difficult!


My First Bass Fishing On Lake Biwa 2010 !

Last week, I went to Lake Biwa in an interview in the Japanese fishing magazine "Rod & Reel".
This was my first bass fishing this year.

I had two fishing days, the first day, I couldn't fish anything.
On the second day, it rained.

Rainy days, face guards and
wrist band of "in7et" are essential!
I met Mr. Matsushita of M-BLOW who is Deps's staff.

He is a guide on Lake Biwa and popular Pro Angler in Japan.

I also met Mr.Okumura who is the President of Deps.

He also received an interview. So there are many person on his boat. lol
Though he always get a big bass in interviews, that day, he seemed to have struggled.

I targeted the giant bass using Swim bait or jig mainly in two days.
Even though Lake Biwa has the giant bass, it is very difficult to catch them.

After all, the afternoon of Day 2, I caught just only one bass about 5lb.
I could catch it with jig-swimming, setting the "one-up-shad" as the trailer.

The next day I went fishing, Mr. Yamashita, one of my friend caught a big bass!
This bass was about 65cm, 11lb!

Hit lure was Dethadderhog (5 inches) of Deps.

Next week, I'll go to Lake Biwa again!