Deps's Catalog 2010’

Completed My Record Bass's Real Size Poster !!

Finally completed !!
I'm really satisfied.
It's my younger brother. lol

If you want it, Please e-mail me.
The plice is 1890yen, $19.95 each plus packaging price and shipping.
If you tell me your mail address and how many you want, I'll send you an Invoice mail from paypal.
Thank you, ALL !!

Deps's president, Mr.Kazumasa Okumura's Talk Live Event !

"Mr. Kazumasas Okumura who is the president of  Deps Talk Live Event" and "Hugecustom rods trial" was held sponsored by FINELURES.

In this event, people can hear stories about the giant bass in Lake Biwa from Mr.Okumura and can try to use the HugeCustom Rods made for giant bass or other giant fish.

Of course, I'm using them.

About 300 or more people gathered!

I think people who came had a very good experience!


The Age Of The World Record Bass

About the age of the world record bass, I have been questioned many times up to now.
And I didn't talk about it because I thought that there is no person of interesting in it...
However these days, I heared from American friends that various people were talking by the guess on various sites about it.
So, I thought that I should make it public.

I sent the BASSMASTER its scale, and they were examined.
As a result, the age of the 22.311lb bass seems to be about from 14 to 17 years old.

I put a Bluegill on the stuffing of the bass.
It is almost the same size when I used to fish that bass.
How cool!!
I think that power increased it!!


The Fishing Show in Yokohama !!

I went to the Fishing Show in Yokohama!

It was crowded with a lot of people.

When I was entering hall, I met a friend who is fishing in Lake Biwa and we took a photo.

This is ZEAL booth, popular manufacturer of the polarized sunglass in Japan.

It sells many kinds of polarized sunglass.

Mr. Go was bringing "the Go eel" bait.

There were a lot of people who came to see it.

This is "Lucky Craft" booth.

It decorated the stuffing of about 19 lb Giant bass which was made in Tobiuomaru.

The underwater-camera was exhibited.

It seemed a low price and too considerably convenient.
I want to get it!

There was Mr. Hiro Naito's seminar in OFT booth!
He talked about my world record bass and the American lures and so on.
After that, he told me that he will come to Lake Biwa to fish the world record bass this year.
I'm really pleased to hear that.

I met Mr.Satoshin at the last minutes.

He is guiding in Lake Biwa and his fishing style is very strong!(He doesn't use the spinning tackle!)
His DVD is put on the market. It's really interesting and funny DVD!

The fishing show in Japan ended.
Spring comes to Japan soon. And, the season of this year starts.
All sportfishermans start the preparation own fishing.
I also have to start preparing to fish the next World Record Giant Bass!!


Swim Bait of Castaic

I got lures from Tackle shop, named "Fine Lure" near the big bridge of Lake Biwa .

It is Castaic swim bait.

I saw this lure for the first time in Japan.
There are two kinds, eight and ten inches and they are slow sinking.
It is lures which seem to demonstrate its power in Lake Biwa.
I want to use them early!
Thank you, Mr.Sawai!


Do You Know BATTAMAN ?

Mr. Andou who is a owner of Lure shop Andou gave me a lure!

This is the special BATTAMAN lure!

This Jitter bug is written "the congratulation world record" on the back.
It seems to be able to catch the big bass well.

It made by SAKURA HOUSE manufacturer.

Mr.Andou and SAKURA HOUSE, Thank you very much!!


Welcome To my Support Link !!

GEECRACK join it!

The Fishing Show Osaka 2010, Second and Final Day

Many peaple came to Fishing Show Osaka 2010 and it was large flourishing!

I can't visit all booths because I had been strolling while speaking with various people in the hall.

This is a net that I used for my world record bass.

It's large, light, and handled easily.

I went to HAYABUSA's booth that is my support manufacturer to pay respects.

Then, I was able to speak with Mr. Satan Shimada who is the Giant bass hunter in Ikehara Dam!!

He is last Japan record holder!!
We talked a lot about giant bass hunting.

I respect him.

In this year's fishing show, though I was not able to see new tackles so much, I was happy to talk with a lot of anglers!!
Thank you very much!!


Fishing Show Osaka 2010, First Day

The maximum fishing show in Japan was held in Osaka!

When I entered the hall with Mr.Maeda of Deps's pro staff, I met Mr.Kanemaru who is owner of The Lure Shop Mokkoya and he gave me his original lure.

After that, I talked with Mr.Maeyama who is pro staff of Imakatsu which is a famous manufacture in Japan.
He is taking an active part with TOP50 of the biggest tournament in Japan, and he's very famous big bass hunter and Pro Guide of Lake Biwa.

I found out a worm in the booth of GEECRACK.

It is a big worm of the length of about eight inches.

I think it will be able to fish the big bass in Lake Biwa.

SOUTHER boat was exhibited.
Yellow one is steering type of 15 feet.

Red one is a tiller steering type.

Either boats are very famous in Japan.
They are really cool and popular boats especially in Lake Biwa and Ikehara Dam.

And, there was a new product reel  in the booth of Daiwa.

This reel seems to be designed to fish the Giant bass and setting for the Giant lure which can be thrown out 12 ounces.
I like this reel very much, and want to use it.

Deps did not exhibit this year, but Deps staffs were coming.
I took the photo with them.

Many bass anglers are looking forward to the Deps's exhibition next year!