The final day

The final day started from taking a picture of my lures and tackles.
Mr.Oba did it hard and ended it, we began fishing at 10 a.m..

Because the theme of this interview was "Giant Lures", I threw out it a lot.
But I was not possible to fish with it.

I could got only a small bass with Anostraight worm in the northern part west shore in Lake Biwa.

For these five days, it became difficult fishing for me.
However, there was new some discoveries, and I want to tie to the fishing in the future.
And I know it's too difficult to fish the bass in front of the camera.
Thank you for Mr. Oba for two days!

The fourth day

I went fishing with Mr. Michi Oba who is cameraman of Japanese fishing magazine "Rod & Reel".
We began interviewing on my boat around seven a.m. but the fog was terrible and we couldn't see ahead anything.
Like this.

We went to northern part east shore of the Lake Biwa.
The bass cannot be fished easily...

I moved a little to another point, and threw out Romanmade's Mother.
Then, three big basses came chasing it!
One of them was considerably fat and there seemed to be 13lb-14lb.
Though they seemed to bite to the Mother, noticed the existence of the boat and turned back.

So, I threw out in the same point for a Giant Polk (about 20 inches in length).
Then, the big basses enclosed Giant Polk, and were turning with in conspiracy.
However, I couldn't fish them.

After fishing, I took a supper with Mr. Oba, Mr. Go who developed the Giant Polk and Mr.Takeyama who is Romanmade's president at night.

And I was gotten "Anostraight worms" from Mr. Hasegawa who had developed it.
Thank you for Mr. Hasegawa.
I want to introduce in this blog later about Mr. Hasegawa, Mr. Go, and Mr. Takeyama.

After that, it was after 3 a.m. that we slept by receiving the interview from Mr.Oba, and taking the photograph of my tackle at the hotel.

Thank you very much ..everybody...

The third day

I was with Mr. Tachi who is my fishing friend. He is also a big bass hunter.
We went angling for the first time together this time because he also owned his boat though we were the fishing friends since four years.
We finished in the northern part and west shore on Lake Biwa.

I could catch only about 2lb bass on the anostraight worm.
I have really liked it.

Though we weren't possible to fish so much, I was discoverd a new point.
We were able to spend a significant day.


The second day

The second day, I went fishing with Mr. Shimizu and Mr.Horiba.
For them, I am friend from childhood.
They're too shy, so I can't publish their photo.
On this day, it was very cold though the weather had recovered since yesterday.
This day I wasn't able to fished at all, and I tried the light rig after a long time.
It was "anostraight worm" of Boaless that put on the market recently.
It is a worm that Mr. Kouji Hasegawa who was doing the guide in Lake Biwa designed.
I could get 3 small basses and 4lb one on this worm.

Finally, there was a bite of a big bass on this worm when I stayed it at bottom.
However, the bass fooked out at the time of fighting.

Maybe it had about 13lb.
Anything was not able to be fished after that and we landed.
I like "anostraight worm" from this day.

After friends went to their home, I had supper with another fishing friends at night.
They're Mr.Sugi-yan and Mr.Pirrot. They're not boater, but both love the big bass hunting.

We ate the chinese noodle while speaking the Giant bass.

It was a happy night for me.

21 November, in Lake Biwa

I went angling to Lake Biwa for five days from November 21.

At the first day I went with Mr.Yokoi who is my fishing friend.
He is also fisherman who has the aim of the Giant bass as well as me.

Though we planned setting sail of the boat at 7 a.m., We started fish around 10 a.m. because there was a trouble of the car early morning.

First, we went to look for the Giant from northernmost to the west area of Lake Biwa, but I wasn't found.
We had no bites time until the evening.

At the end, Mr.Yokoi fished a small size bass with the light rig.
It was really difficult day!


Deps's NEW lures

I got a new lures from Deps at the other days.

Slide swimmer 250

This is a large size of slide swimmer 175.
Though shape has changed a little according to the size, it does good movement.

I hear that Mr. Okumura who is the president company of Deps test it and to be fished only giant basses of 60cm over.
I want use this early!

Hyper football jig

This jig of 1/4oz, 3/8oz, and 1/2oz is sold now.
It's popular article which giant bass is often fished in Japan and I chiefly use it by the swimming.
Mr. Okumura is fishing giant basses for a long time by the swimming of the  jig.

I want to use a heavy-weight model of this rubber jig in the place where deep with the structure.

Another rubber jig is a swimming jig, named propp jig.

This shape is strange a little, propp has taken side forward.
It is a rubber jig that seems to demonstrate power at the next term that will become cold more in the future.

I think that I want you to use these lures popular in Japan also in foreign countries!
These are sure to satisfy you!!




Going every time is the enjoyment of the decoration of a lot of stuffing of the fish when I enter the atelier.
22lb bass is made stuffing in this shop.

This is Mr.Kabi who is making these.
The stuffing that he makes seems to be very really alive.
I am looking forward to the completion of it.

I came to ask when I wanted him for me to put the fishskin on the lure today.
What kind of lure is this?
I'm really looking forward it.
thank you, Mr.Kabi!!


Interview with potential world record holder Manabu Kurita - ESPN Video Part.1

Bassmaster Video with me in it being interviewed.


Swimming test of giant lures in Iruka pond

I went to Iruka Pond yesterday and the day before yesterday and did swimming test of lures.

Did the tuning and adjusting weight, there was a lure that did not swim as thought quite either though they were made to swim many times.
I think that the person who makes the lure at the time of beginning is Splendid talents owner though it is difficult of the tuning of the lure for me!

There was a person talking to me the day before yesterday.
This person is Mr. Iwata who is researching Iruka pond.
I variously talked about fishing and the lure and thrown out with him.
A lot of good talks were able to be done.

I met fishing friend's from old times Mr. Katano yesterday.
He is a champion of 2009 during the year of the tournament named ISBA that has been held with Iruka pond.
Moreover, in the ISBA tournament in April this year, he wins to catch 5 fishes 21lb, and he become a ISBA tournament record holder.

I'm glad that I can hear the story of fishing from various people in the fishing spot.
I thought that I went angling to Iruka pond to aim at the big bass next spring!!

The Live Talk Event in "Lure angle HAMA"

I had an event of "lure Angle HAMA" in Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City and a spot sale Meeting of the Romanmade's lures.

HAMA in Nagoya City is fishing tackle shop on the 60th anniversary in this year.

I talked guests who came to see and buy the Romanmade's lure.

There was a family had surprised to have the mother tackle, too.

It was a day that was happy to talk with a lot Anglers.


A giant lure of 50 oz!!

A super-huge lure sells in Lureshop Andou.
The manager of "Andou" loves interesting lures of foreign countries and often stocks and is selling those.

The super-huge lure has about 50 oz when the manager weighed it.

I thought that it seemed to be able to throw out though it is for the decoration.
It might be interesting if there is a bass that bites to such a huge lure.

Let's use it in Lake Biwa next time!!


The best cold wave

I went to Lake Biwa yesterday and the day before yesterday.
The lake has been getting rough from the first day.
The best cold wave in this year came on this day.
On such a day the Giant bass moves, I think.
It is a chance to fish!

The first day wasn't able to be fished at all by having been considerably getting rough since the morning. I fished one about 2lb in the south end of Lake Biwa.
On the second day, it was considerably cold since the morning, and the snow had put on the top of the mountain a little.

The lake became calm little by little, and I went north from the south.
When I thrown out the slide swimmer toward the man-made structure that existed In about 20 feet in depth, then from the back, about 17lb Giant bass had done Chase my lure. But It was not possible to be fished.

After that, I was cast the nail-rig of the deathadder 6 inches toward the man-made structure, then I could be able to catch about 8lb bass.
And we moved to the place in another similar, I was cast the TX rig of the deathaddar 6 inches by the fallin in the man-made structure, then about 9lb bass was fished.
Immediately, the boil of fish occurred around of the structure.

I cast at once but I was not possible to fish at all.
When it will become colder in the future, I think that the Giant bass begins to move more.
I'm impatient that winter comes!