Lake Biwa Report on 19th to 21st, March

I went to Lake Biwa after a long time. 
The weather was not good, showered sometimes.
So I thought it was good for DEKA bass hunting. 
(DEKA means... Huge.lol)

Deps Hyper Football Jig 3/8oz + Geecrack Gyro Star(Test)
We got 5ib *2!! and...
I got 4lb with Satan's Swimbait.
Just only these!
I felt the coming in spring though it failed this time. 

"DEKA Bass season" comes to Lake Biwa soon!
You know, Japan is not defeated at the disaster though it is still in a serious situation!
Lake Biwa also!
I wanna show you many good one from here!! 


Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami

On March 11 at about 2:46 pm
An earthquake to record magnitude 9.0 occurs the north-eastern district Pacific, and the damages  spread such as a blackout and a fire, the tsunami.
TV broadcasts this news day after day all over the world.

Fortunately, there is not damage directly for me, but for my friends live in North-eastern Japan, the aftershock still continues and lives an uneasy life.

What can I do for them?
US Yamaha posts a banner of American Red Cross on their Website.

Deps also established "future fund" in order to support the victims in the northeastern Pacific earthquake and want to raise a donation.
I approve of this and want to cooperate.

I decided to contribute the profit of my bass's full-scale poster with a limitation of amount and I'll write a handwriting signature in this and send it to you.
I thank for your all cooperations.


After the Bass Master Classic...

I went to Skeeter Co. and U.S. Yamaha Co.!

In Skeeter Co., the origin of my loved skeeter boat was taught by staffs, and I visited manufacturing.
I had been looking forward to this very much since time when I had been heard this schedule. I was able to meet staffs in the U.S.YAMAHA company. 

Finally, I went to Montgomery lake in Georgia state where the George perry had caught the worldrecord bass 79 years ago! I was glad that everybody had welcomed me very much.
The tree in his famous photograph or the post office where he took photograph and weighing it were still in the locale!! It's wonderful things and this made me impressed very much!!
I was able to have a lot of very good experiences in the United States this time! 
And, I wish to express my gratitude to U.S.YAMAHA that made this chances.
There is a person who says to me, "You're lucky man who fished the bass of the world record".
On the other hand, I want to say so. "The only thing that it was able to meet you by the bass is lucky for me!"

Thank you very much!! 

Bass Master Classic 2011 !!!!!

I went to Bass Master Classic by an invitation of U.S.YAMAHA! It was really impressed for me very much! because I always watched it only in magazines and pictures.
with Ike!
It is seriousness of players that I was first surprised. Though it is immediately before the game, they replied with a smile to taking a picture and the signature for their fans! They're all very cool.
I respected their attitudes.
And next surprised for me is number of spectators! and upsurge in the hall!!  The chairperson was also perfect!!LOL He is very funny and cool man!!
I was not actually interested in the tournament so much, and I was not interesting so much though I saw the tournament in Japan up to now. However, there were a lot of impression in The Bass Master Classic!!

After that, I exchanged with a lot of sportfishermans in the YAMAHA booth and got a lot of power from you who came to meet me because of schedules such as the autograph or coverage though it was very very hard for me.

I'm honored so much for your support!!! Thank you, ALL!!!