Announcement and Bass Master Classic 2011 !!!!!!

In the morning at Happy Valentine's day, I was in the airport.
I think that there is a person who knows why I was there because there was an announcement in the United States by ESPN. I became a professional staff of Skeeter and U.S. Yamaha. 
Dream comes true!!! wow!!! 
So, it is the first visit to America as a professional staff for me.
I got the schedule in the United States at the previous week and when I was seen it, I groaned.
"Ohhhhhhh..... This is really great!! amazing!!! Will this be a real?!"

This main event is Bass Master Classic 2011 in New Orleans!!! 
and I was invited to this!!! Can you believe it?!lol
I'll be Yamaha or Skeeter booth and wait for you!!!
P.S. I don't join a tournament. LOL