Lake Biwa Fishing Report, 2013. 12. 11-13

Merry Christmas! From Lake Biwa! 

I caught only this... It's very cold here!!
Take care and have a good day!

64cm, 8.5lb.

Tackle Data
Rod: Deps, Sidewinder Venom Fang/FE
Reel: Daiwa, Zillion JDream
Reel Handle: Sutudio Composit 96mm-R33L
Lure: Deps, Head Lock jig+Death Adder Hog 4inch Weedshrimp
Lin: Daiwa, Monster Brave 20lb


StudioComposite, "RC-SC PLUS EVA R33L 108mm"

Started a reservation of StudioComposite, "RC-SC PLUS EVA R33L 108mm". 
Price : 15,750 yen (tax-included)
The most suitable handle is realized to only a strong man!!
Make a reservation in the Studio Composite Webshop!!

Lake Biwa Fishing Report in Winter

Hi, there! How's it going?

61cm, 5200g!!!

Tackle Data
Rod: Deps, Sidewinder, DomDriver
Reel: US Daiwa, LEXA300HS
Reel Handle: Studio Composit 108mm(test) R30
Line: Daiwa, Monster Brave 25lbLure: Silent Killer 250, Rainbow Trout


Spring comes!!! Fishing Report of Lake Biwa in March, 2013

Loooooong time no see you, there!!
How is your fishing?
I came back to Mother Lake Biwa!!

It was sometime rainy, cloudy, fine and windy day.
Here, in spring season, weather is different every day, every time.

I really hadn't been here for quite a while but they've been waiting for me!!

7lb with A-rig

10lb with A-rig, Deps Bumblehead 3/8oz and Dethadder shad 5inch

Spawning will begin soon...
I could see some BASSZILLAs while fishing.
I'm excited and thinking how to catch them...