Lake Biwa Report in Nov.

It is full glory in autumn!
Lake Biwa has begun preparations for winter. 
If anglers does not adjust to this, they can't catch anything...
Not all anglers who do fishing in Lake Biwa have good results. 

That day, I tried New lure made from Geecrack, named "Decker".
It brought two 6lb bass to me and... 


Deka Bass season is coming soon!!!


Lake Biwa Report in Oct, 2011

Middle in Fall! 
I was on Lake Biwa with my friends.

Mr.Sato caught 9lb! with Deps, BM hog! 

 I got 4lb with Deps, Slideswimmer 250!
and same 4lb with Deps Slideswimmer 175!

same 4lb! with Deps, Kincoo13inch heavy-undershot!

Kincoo series, BM hog and Slideswimmer series...
they're popular lures in Japan and take huge monsters to me!!

Skeeter, Yamaha V-Max SHO275 are also work very well.
They have Torque and Great Stability!
 I love them very much!


Restart!! and My New Skeeter Coming!!!

Since arm fracture was cured, I restart fishing!!
It was so hard and pain time for me that waits to be recovered.

But it's over!! 
My New buddy, Skeeter FX21 was completed last month!!!

YAMAHA.V-MAX.SHO275 is attached. 

As for this, compared with my last ZX series, driver felts soft per wave and the wave end.
Very good feeling.
A deck top is large anyhow!(This is my first "single console".)
The stability of a boat is very good, and it is easy to do fishing also on rough water.
Engine "V-MAX SHO275" has torque, starts of a run is quickly smooth!!

From now on, this will surely play an active part as my No.1 partner on Lake Biwa!!!