BASS FESTA in NAGOYA 2012 Part.2

This is Andoh booth
Ala-Battaman rig.lol

Battaman girl

Mr. Christian is president of S.W.A.T. fishing in Germany.
He is tall and good lookin' guy.lol
Chris interviewed me and Mr. Maeda.

My new Skeeter displayed in the show.
This is pictures at the time of the taking out. 

In the true meaning, the season started now.
I'll do my best!!

BASS FESTA in NAGOYA 2012 Part.1

Long time no see!
Since injured, I have not gone fishing. It's sooooo terrible!

But Bass Festa was coming! This must give me a power!

Take a Look!

This is GEECRACK booth! Awesome COOL!!
Mr.Taku, his smile is always shinny!

GEECRACK's Umbrella rig! Merry-G!!
Now, this is applying for a patent.

Mr.Yamashita. He is GEECRACK test staff.

This is DEPS booth.
New release! Bullshooter!
It must work well in Lake Biwa!

This is DAIWA booth!
 I like it!!

This is BOREAS booth with Mr. Hasegawa.
He is also clever fisherman.