Deps's Event in Kyoto

I went to the Event of the Deps yesterday.
This event is that guests who are Deps fans tell the story of fishing, and enjoy playing a game while eating dinner with Mr.Kazumasa Okumura who is president of Deps and professional staffs of it.

This event has been held almost every years.
Everyone enjoyed talking own stories of fishing and played a game.

I also was asked the thing when I caught 22 lb bass from various people, and told the story of my fishing.
I was very happy and enjoyed it.

Here are Deps's pro staffs!

This is Mr.Kazumasa Okumura who is president of Deps.

He is a president, a lure builder, and a most popular big bass hunter in Japan.
His coverage in Lake Biwa, he always fishes the big bass!
I think that this is a thing that anyone cannot be mimicked and done.

This is Mr. Jun Maeda.

He puts on the polarized light glass when usually fishing, he looks very cool.
But he removes it, you can find that he has lovely eyes.
He manages a professional guide (Guide Service MAEDA) of which it is the main is the southern part of Lake Biwa, and is aiming at big basses with the guest with his considerable experience and the technique.
It's very hard to reserve his guide. He is the most famous professional guide in Lake Biwa.

This is Mr. Kenta Kimura.(Nickname : Kimu-Ken)

He also is guiding in Lake Biwa and participated in the Biwako-open tournament this year, and the victory was accomplished during year.
He enters the United States tournament in the past, and seems to go this year.
He is good at using the crank bait, the Spiner bait, and punching etc...
Please cheer for him.

This is Mr. Yugo Yamada.

He is a big bass hunter who is managing the guide in the northern part of Lake Biwa.
He can have the guest fish the big bass by various hows to fish, from the light-rig to the bigbait.

This is Mr. Kitagawa.

He is also managing the guide in Lake Biwa. He is very gentle-man.
My friends were able to catch the big bass well with his guide.

This is Mr. Akira Sendou.(Nickname : Aniki)

He is a big bass hunter and the lure builder.
His character is very gentle, candid person though he looks a scary person.
In this year, I went fishing with him several times.
He knows about many things of Lake Biwa.
The lure named of Lo-Fi which Akira did produce is great lure that a lot of terrible big bass run after.

This is Mr. Takashi Sendou.( Nickname : Ninja)

He is Akira's younger brother. They are twins. He is very kind and funny man.
He is skillful in delicate fishing and can fished basses from the area of high pressure.
The worm named Bearcraw is his production.

All members have individuality and own original fishing.
What a wonderful members!
I think that it is a great and happy thing that I can have the relationship of these people!