6th, December in Lake Biwa

I went to Lake Biwa to fish only 10lb bass with Mr.Tachi today.

First, we went to the island in Lake, "Okinoshima".

Though various lures such as the big bait, Spinner baits, and the light rigs were thrown out, it's not possible to fish at all.

Then, we moved to the west shore and fished around the man-made structure that exists in about 14 feets in depth. But we can't fished.

So, when we approached the main body of the structure and saw, about 11lb one bass and 7lb several basses were swimming around it.
However, the basses were disregarding the my lures.

When moving to the southern part of Lake Biwa because the wind had risen, I met my fishing friends  Mr.Mako-chan, Mr. Yamashita and Mr. Kawashima.

They got nine basses of about 6lb!

Mr. Yamashita fished two 10lb basses last week.

We fished in the place that Mr. Yamashita was fishing well recently until the evening.
But after all, we weren't possible.
It's difficult to fish a giant monster!