2nd, December in Lake Biwa

It is also fishing today.

I went because the bass that I had watched chasing the Mother yesterday was anxious.

There was a chase of about 10lb basses again when the Mother was thrown out to the same place as yesterday.
However, It did not arrive until multiplying.
I decided to fishing until the evening in other places.
Though I hook up one large bass with the swimming jig in the North area in Lake Biwa of 6m in depth in the water, I couldn't get it couse hook out...

There was even no chase in the evening though I moved to the place where chase had been done by the Mother, slide swimmer 250 and the stinger backing were thrown out.
I was not able to fish as much as one and it ended today.

It is difficult to look for the Giant bass.
However, there are a lot of Giant basses in Lake Biwa.
Even if it is not possible to fish the Giant bass, I can't stop the bass fishing in Lake Biwa.