1st,December in Lake Biwa

I went to Lake Biwa for fishing, today.

The weather was well. It's warm day from morning.

We went to northern west coast area first.

I caught a 4lb bass with the nail-rig of the Anostraight worm that I liked recently at a depth of the water 6m.

Mr. Tsubasa of my friend caught a 3lb bass, too.

After that, We moved a little, when I threw the Mother at a depth of the water 3m.
then, three about 10lb basses did Chase it! and one of them bited!
But I had failed in fooking.

We did fishing for a while in the neighborhood, and I was able to catch a 3lb bass with Texas rig of Deathadder.

I think recent Lake Biwa becomes difficult so much!