Crazy Bass Hunter, Mr.Go !!!!!

There are Anglers to aim at the world record bass a lot in Lake Biwa excluding me. It is Mr. Go who is my fishing friend, the rival.

He bought a boat recently.
However, it is not a bass boat.

When Lake Biwa get rough, it becomes like a sea.
So, he bought a boat using on the sea.
I think that a good-looking boat.

He is enthusiastic and he seriously try to fish the world record bass.
We have been friend for 4 years and went to fishing together several times, I was taught various things by him.
I think that how to watch the bass of him is different from anglers of the other.

It is Giant Polk that he made.

The name is the Go eel, about 60-centimeter length.

Do you think about it too big to fisdh??
Certainly, It can't fook on easily...However this Giant Pork has real terrible action.
When I was using, giant basses gather considerably.
It's made not only long but also the tail's being firmly.

I think that it is a lure with the possibility that the world record bass can be fished.

I want him to get the world record bass!
I'll also work hard, too!
Mr. Go, Please put me on your boat next time!