Swimming test of giant lures in Iruka pond

I went to Iruka Pond yesterday and the day before yesterday and did swimming test of lures.

Did the tuning and adjusting weight, there was a lure that did not swim as thought quite either though they were made to swim many times.
I think that the person who makes the lure at the time of beginning is Splendid talents owner though it is difficult of the tuning of the lure for me!

There was a person talking to me the day before yesterday.
This person is Mr. Iwata who is researching Iruka pond.
I variously talked about fishing and the lure and thrown out with him.
A lot of good talks were able to be done.

I met fishing friend's from old times Mr. Katano yesterday.
He is a champion of 2009 during the year of the tournament named ISBA that has been held with Iruka pond.
Moreover, in the ISBA tournament in April this year, he wins to catch 5 fishes 21lb, and he become a ISBA tournament record holder.

I'm glad that I can hear the story of fishing from various people in the fishing spot.
I thought that I went angling to Iruka pond to aim at the big bass next spring!!