The best cold wave

I went to Lake Biwa yesterday and the day before yesterday.
The lake has been getting rough from the first day.
The best cold wave in this year came on this day.
On such a day the Giant bass moves, I think.
It is a chance to fish!

The first day wasn't able to be fished at all by having been considerably getting rough since the morning. I fished one about 2lb in the south end of Lake Biwa.
On the second day, it was considerably cold since the morning, and the snow had put on the top of the mountain a little.

The lake became calm little by little, and I went north from the south.
When I thrown out the slide swimmer toward the man-made structure that existed In about 20 feet in depth, then from the back, about 17lb Giant bass had done Chase my lure. But It was not possible to be fished.

After that, I was cast the nail-rig of the deathadder 6 inches toward the man-made structure, then I could be able to catch about 8lb bass.
And we moved to the place in another similar, I was cast the TX rig of the deathaddar 6 inches by the fallin in the man-made structure, then about 9lb bass was fished.
Immediately, the boil of fish occurred around of the structure.

I cast at once but I was not possible to fish at all.
When it will become colder in the future, I think that the Giant bass begins to move more.
I'm impatient that winter comes!