The second day

The second day, I went fishing with Mr. Shimizu and Mr.Horiba.
For them, I am friend from childhood.
They're too shy, so I can't publish their photo.
On this day, it was very cold though the weather had recovered since yesterday.
This day I wasn't able to fished at all, and I tried the light rig after a long time.
It was "anostraight worm" of Boaless that put on the market recently.
It is a worm that Mr. Kouji Hasegawa who was doing the guide in Lake Biwa designed.
I could get 3 small basses and 4lb one on this worm.

Finally, there was a bite of a big bass on this worm when I stayed it at bottom.
However, the bass fooked out at the time of fighting.

Maybe it had about 13lb.
Anything was not able to be fished after that and we landed.
I like "anostraight worm" from this day.

After friends went to their home, I had supper with another fishing friends at night.
They're Mr.Sugi-yan and Mr.Pirrot. They're not boater, but both love the big bass hunting.

We ate the chinese noodle while speaking the Giant bass.

It was a happy night for me.