The fourth day

I went fishing with Mr. Michi Oba who is cameraman of Japanese fishing magazine "Rod & Reel".
We began interviewing on my boat around seven a.m. but the fog was terrible and we couldn't see ahead anything.
Like this.

We went to northern part east shore of the Lake Biwa.
The bass cannot be fished easily...

I moved a little to another point, and threw out Romanmade's Mother.
Then, three big basses came chasing it!
One of them was considerably fat and there seemed to be 13lb-14lb.
Though they seemed to bite to the Mother, noticed the existence of the boat and turned back.

So, I threw out in the same point for a Giant Polk (about 20 inches in length).
Then, the big basses enclosed Giant Polk, and were turning with in conspiracy.
However, I couldn't fish them.

After fishing, I took a supper with Mr. Oba, Mr. Go who developed the Giant Polk and Mr.Takeyama who is Romanmade's president at night.

And I was gotten "Anostraight worms" from Mr. Hasegawa who had developed it.
Thank you for Mr. Hasegawa.
I want to introduce in this blog later about Mr. Hasegawa, Mr. Go, and Mr. Takeyama.

After that, it was after 3 a.m. that we slept by receiving the interview from Mr.Oba, and taking the photograph of my tackle at the hotel.

Thank you very much ..everybody...