Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami

On March 11 at about 2:46 pm
An earthquake to record magnitude 9.0 occurs the north-eastern district Pacific, and the damages  spread such as a blackout and a fire, the tsunami.
TV broadcasts this news day after day all over the world.

Fortunately, there is not damage directly for me, but for my friends live in North-eastern Japan, the aftershock still continues and lives an uneasy life.

What can I do for them?
US Yamaha posts a banner of American Red Cross on their Website.

Deps also established "future fund" in order to support the victims in the northeastern Pacific earthquake and want to raise a donation.
I approve of this and want to cooperate.

I decided to contribute the profit of my bass's full-scale poster with a limitation of amount and I'll write a handwriting signature in this and send it to you.
I thank for your all cooperations.