Lake Biwa 7th, March

I went to Lake Biwa.

I thought that the cold just entered this day though it had become warm a little, so it returned to winter.

I fished using the Swim-bait and the Jig-Swimming mainly.

In the morning, there was a chase of bass about 10lb, when I was use a Slideswimmer 115 made from Deps.
However, I was not able to catch the bass.
Only Slideswimmer 115 had the reaction though I used various swimbaits.

In the afternoon, I caught bass about 2lb and 4lb in the place of about 10 feet in depth.

Hit lure are Hyperfootball Jig+Bumble Shad (Deps)

and One-up shad.

My friend also fished a bass about 5lb.

The fishing of Lake Biwa is difficult!