Lake Biwa Report On 24th ~ 29th July

I went to Lake Biwa for five days.
when I let my friend who had Triton operate my skeeter, he was surprised and said "It's easy to drive very much!".

I had a lot of chase with Deps Slideswimmer 175 and I could enjoy fishing very much!

However, I had made a mistake though I caught a bsas of 15lb with this slideswimmer.

This is my tackle data with slideswimmer.

1 Rod : Deps Huge Custom H2S-75RF
   Reel : Daiwa Z-2020H

2 Rod : Deps Sidewinder HGC77XS Boaconstrictor
   Reel : Daiwa Ryoga 1010H

Line : Toray Super Hard Strong