For Selling The Mount Of World Record bass

As many of you know I am selling the Mount of World Record Fish. This decision has taken considerable thought.
I chose to sell this record fish because I want many people to experience at least a small part of what I experience.
I often think,
"This fish is amazing and only I experience this record".
Many people are interested in this Record so I began to think more, "there is a possibility more of the world can see this fsih"

For example, if this fish was in the US, it would be exhibited in many big places and people would see what a true world record looks like. For more than 77 years no one has seen a World Record Largemouth. Only a few people were able to see Mr. Perry's World Record. I think it is time to show the World up close.
I am confident, out of many inquiries we will find the best home for the record.
I am hoping for an organization or individual that not only has a love for bassfishing but a serious passion to share it with the world.
This what our sport needs.

Please join me in my excitment to bring the opportunity to the World.
My passion will not leave me.
My hope is to capture the next record.
As many of you know I am dedicated and committed.
I hope the bassfishing world will accept my gift.
For all individuals interested in purchasing the world record fish,
We are pleased to announce Mr. David Swendseid will be handling your offers.
Please contact Mr. David (serious inquiries only).
He can be reached by email: dside7@yahoo.com.

Keep Chasing !