My Record Becomes World Record Giant Bass !!

The result was announced from IGFA in BASSMASTER.COM.

My record bass was recognized as THE NEW TIE WORLD RECORD !
I'm very glad to hear that.

My being able to fish this bass is a favor of people who always assist me.
Thank you very much !

And Of course, I want to keep fishing in Lake Biwa aiming at the world record bass after today.
In Lake Biwa, there are larger Giant basses.

I want to fish 30lb super-giant bass that exceed Dotty next!
(It's captured at Lake Dixson in The U.S. about 4 years ago. It had 25.1lb)
I think Lake Biwa is the greatest wonderful lake.

However, there are sad things that white basses are exterminated in this lake and the other field in Japan.
I'm glad changing into the direction where Bass fishing of Japan.

Also this year, I want to go to Lake Biwa to hunt a super-giant bass, getting on my Skeeter boat and brandishing Sidewinder and Huge Custom by Deps!
I'll keep chasing the next world record!!