My Oldest Fishing Friends & Newest Family

I gathered with the fishing friends in childhood and did the year end party on 30th December.

We gather two times without fail every year.
They were members who started the bass fishing together with me 19 years ago, and we went to the bass fishing riding on the bicycle by the distance of the round trip 100km every week.

If I didn't start the bass fishing those days, I'm sure not to be done it now.
Everyone enjoy the fishing of the bass fishing, the mountain stream fishing, and the sea fishing respectively now all.

Hereafter, I want to do for a long time happily as good friends.

A serious thing occurs when I went back to my home in the middle of the night.
The dog that kept at my home gave birth to babies!

Five babies were energetically born though I had become a panic a little because of the first experience.

Only one has a face like to the cow.

They looked lovely and were asleep though I was a serious commotion until the morning.

I'm looking forward to grow up them in the future.

A lot happened last year for me.
Thank you for the people who cooperated!
And, my best regards this year. m(_ _)m.