BASS FESTA in NAGOYA 2012 Part.1

Long time no see!
Since injured, I have not gone fishing. It's sooooo terrible!

But Bass Festa was coming! This must give me a power!

Take a Look!

This is GEECRACK booth! Awesome COOL!!
Mr.Taku, his smile is always shinny!

GEECRACK's Umbrella rig! Merry-G!!
Now, this is applying for a patent.

Mr.Yamashita. He is GEECRACK test staff.

This is DEPS booth.
New release! Bullshooter!
It must work well in Lake Biwa!

This is DAIWA booth!
 I like it!!

This is BOREAS booth with Mr. Hasegawa.
He is also clever fisherman.