Restart!! and My New Skeeter Coming!!!

Since arm fracture was cured, I restart fishing!!
It was so hard and pain time for me that waits to be recovered.

But it's over!! 
My New buddy, Skeeter FX21 was completed last month!!!

YAMAHA.V-MAX.SHO275 is attached. 

As for this, compared with my last ZX series, driver felts soft per wave and the wave end.
Very good feeling.
A deck top is large anyhow!(This is my first "single console".)
The stability of a boat is very good, and it is easy to do fishing also on rough water.
Engine "V-MAX SHO275" has torque, starts of a run is quickly smooth!!

From now on, this will surely play an active part as my No.1 partner on Lake Biwa!!!