Lake Biwa Fishing Report 14th, April

I went to Lake Biwa after a long time.
I felt that it returned to winter...It was a day that considerably got rough.

Mr. Inoue, one of my fishing friend caught a huge bass that was 64cm, over 10lb!!
It was in the place of about ten feet in depth.

Tackle data
Rod : Deps Sidewinder HGC70XF
Reel : Daiwa Zillion HLC
Lure : Deps HyperFootball jig / Trailer : Deps Bumbleshad
It is his self-new record!

After that, I caught bass about 8lb on same tackle.

Though the cold comes again on this Lake, It comes spring in the Lake.
It is really a seasonal beginning!!
I want to catch 22lb bass this year!!!