The Fishing Show in Yokohama !!

I went to the Fishing Show in Yokohama!

It was crowded with a lot of people.

When I was entering hall, I met a friend who is fishing in Lake Biwa and we took a photo.

This is ZEAL booth, popular manufacturer of the polarized sunglass in Japan.

It sells many kinds of polarized sunglass.

Mr. Go was bringing "the Go eel" bait.

There were a lot of people who came to see it.

This is "Lucky Craft" booth.

It decorated the stuffing of about 19 lb Giant bass which was made in Tobiuomaru.

The underwater-camera was exhibited.

It seemed a low price and too considerably convenient.
I want to get it!

There was Mr. Hiro Naito's seminar in OFT booth!
He talked about my world record bass and the American lures and so on.
After that, he told me that he will come to Lake Biwa to fish the world record bass this year.
I'm really pleased to hear that.

I met Mr.Satoshin at the last minutes.

He is guiding in Lake Biwa and his fishing style is very strong!(He doesn't use the spinning tackle!)
His DVD is put on the market. It's really interesting and funny DVD!

The fishing show in Japan ended.
Spring comes to Japan soon. And, the season of this year starts.
All sportfishermans start the preparation own fishing.
I also have to start preparing to fish the next World Record Giant Bass!!